A Common Dermatological Problem For Women – Acne

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A common dermatological problem - Acne

Some skin conditions affect women more than men, and dermatologists say the most common dermatological problem for women is acne. Acne is not only prevalent among adolescents, but adults can also suffer from it into their 40s. The clinical scope of acne can range from tiny un-inflamed comedones to papules and pustules and even painful cysts that can leave scars.

Acne Treatments That Really Work

Diet plays a vital role in the treatment of acne. Women affected by acne are advised to reduce foods with a high calorific glycemic index and skimmed dairy products. Additionally, triggering factors such as contraceptives with androgenic effects and unsuitable cosmetics have to be changed. Even though treatment depends on the seriousness of the case, the use of antibiotics is limited because people develop resistance to them.

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