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Beauty - In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Here at BeautyMatters we know everyone sees themselves in a unique way from those around them. Some are happy with how they look, and some are not. Some can adapt the way they look, others prefer au natural – but even this can take some input to maintain!

The pursuit of beauty has seen people throughout the ages try a variety of means to get to what they desire. Perhaps you’d like longer hair, or you’d like makeup that brings out your eye colour, emphasise your lips or make you look sweet or sultry. Whatever your choice for whatever reason, there is always a way to do it.

Over the ages we have seen everything from mudbaths to putting arsenic on our faces. The current trends, bar the arsenic, encompass everything from natural beauty aids to commercial products and we want to share them all with you, from fresh looks at old styles , plus the newest beauty trends and techniques taking the industry by storm. We’re talking about lip fillers, semi-permanent makeup, and everything else between.

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What We At BeautyMatters Are All About

Here at BeautyMatters we explore past, present and future trends in our goal of bringing you choices of not only great beauty products, but in also challenging your perceptions of beauty. 

Self-care is the best kind of care, and that’s exactly what we’re about at BeautyMatters. Our beauty advice is written by experts and includes tried and tested methods for better skin, healthier hair and much more. Whether you’re just looking for pampering ideas for your night in or a longer-term beauty regime, we cover all of your beauty matters here and on the BeautyMatters blog. Our site is updated regularly, to be sure to subscribe to our mailing list or bookmark us now!

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BeautyMatters: What is Beauty?

We are firm believers that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Be that your own vision or yourself or what others see. That said, the definition of ‘beauty’ changes regularly with trends in fashion, makeup, and many other aspects. A couple of popular trends we will explore include, beauty salons, male grooming, beauty maintenance, beauty products and so much more. 

We will keep you in the know about what beauty products are trending? Plus makeup advice from the top fashionistas. 

The current trend for winter 2020 – spring 2021? Its eyes! Cats eyes, bold eyes with strong colours, fluffy brows and shine!

Visual Beauty

Visual beauty is very much open to interpretation. What’s beautiful and what’s not within pop culture changes like the wind, and it’s best to form your own opinion. The truth is that the definition of beauty is subjective, and the most important thing is that we all feel confident in our skin. BeautyMatters is a huge advocate for body positivity and self-confidence, and we cover this topic plenty on our blog.

BeautyMatters and Organic Beauty Trends

We’re all more environmentally-conscious these days, and rightfully so. Because of this, more and more beauty products are going organic. We’re trading in the palm oil for friendlier alternatives, something we discuss in detail in the BeautyMatters blog.

Beauty Trends In Ireland

Visiting salon and spas remains popular with beauty maintenance offered that covers a wide spectrum of treatments—anything from having your hair done, to eyebrows, eyelashes and even cosmetics like lip fillers.

While men and woman enjoy the luxury treatment in local spas, others are visiting clinics in Ireland, Britain and further abroad for body change treatments. Treatments like hair transplantation, fat removal, Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction and a host of others invasive and non invasive treatments which we will keep you up to date with.

One of the biggest beauty trends in Ireland right now is the increase in male grooming, and we love to see it. Back in the day, men would have shied away from moisturiser, skincare and eyebrow waxing, but it’s become embraced more than ever before. Salons are reporting more males booking appointments, as we all learn to appreciate a bit of a pamper.


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Always Popular Is A Nice Smile

Apart from your face, your teeth happen to show a lot throughout the day. Therefore, why not have them looking their best at all times? Apart from the usual dental solutions like brushing and flossing, you can enhance the beauty a flawless smile brings by using a few extra products on the side.

One of the beauty products that a lot of people turn to so they can achieve a brilliant smile is teeth whitening strips. These offer a great and easy way to make your pearly whites achieve that radiant shade of white. Using mouthwashes is also advisable to help get rid of bacteria that teeth brushing doesn’t reach. There is also an increasing trade in dental surgery to improve your smiles , ranging from costly to very, very costly!

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Skincare & Body Care

BeautyMatters reviewers will bring you there thoughts on the current trending products, including  cost and effectiveness. Look out for our tips on products you can make yourself or how to have an indulgent spa day at home.

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Hair Care

Long hair, short hair or loss of hair our reviewers are looking out for the latest products and styles to keep you in the know and that includes men and their beards – how to keep them clean and attractive! 

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Personal Care

We think having a positive self-image is important. How you see your yourself & your beauty matters to us. We talk with some of the leading psychologists on how to manage in this demanding society.

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