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Beauty is Really Just Another Word for Health

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Health, the Real Beauty

Poets, writers, lovers, they have all, through the ages, attempted to capture and define what exactly beauty could be, that subjective, elusive, debatable thing that touches your very soul when you happen upon it. But it is simple, really, and nowhere as complex as you’d think.

Re-imagining Beauty as nothing more than Healthy and Vital

There is nothing fake about real beauty. Although cosmetics and other enhancements have been part of the beauty scene since time began, everybody is touched by the beauty of simplicity. On a psychological level, this is because it is vital for the continuation of the species to associate with healthy specimens. Health means longevity, reproduction, survival.

In the same way that people are drawn to choose the apple without the blemish, people feel an instinctive affinity and attraction to other people that they perceive as beautiful, although there are many factors that influence the definition of such beauty. It involves culture, and values and differs from region to region.

Beauty: So Much Deeper than Skin Deep

As an example, in countries traditionally plagued by famine, real beauty is a person that carries some extra weight: being able to eat well equals prosperity, equals desirability and ultimately suitability as a partner or mate. Always look deeper than the cosmetic exterior, it is deeper, much deeper, where the true soul resides.