Men’s Beauty Salons Dublin

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Well, why not have men’s beauty salons Dublin? Men are becoming more comfortable with beauty matters, and male grooming has become very popular. Ireland is one of the countries at the forefront of this change. The open-minded Irish attitude is seeing more and more men enjoying the benefits of beauty products. We love to see it, as everybody deserves to feel pampered from time to time, and gentlemen, your partners certainly appreciate a bit of grooming, whatever your style may be.

This surge in demand has resulted in more male-orientated beauty salons opening in Dublin. Branded in a unique way that combines masculinity and beauty, these new salons are having a lot of success.

Aspects of Men’s Beauty

Hair and skincare are the two most popular aspect of male grooming, including stylish hair cuts and well-kept eyebrows and facial hair. The rough-around-the-edges look is being traded-in by most for something more polished; no-one likes a matted beard, now a silky smooth one is a different matter!

This shift in attitude has no doubt been helped by some intelligent advertising. Huge brands like Nivea have been using iconic football players to advertise their male products recently. This just helps to reinforce the fact that a man can take care of himself, and still be ‘a man’.

Hair Products At Men’s Beauty Salon Dublin

These days, most men would cringe at the idea of heavy gel or wax hairstyles like we saw so much of in the 90s. There are many products men are now using to style and take care of their hair. At a men’s beauty salon, Dublin expects to find:

  • Mousses for volume and curling
  • Light wax for styling
  • Dry shampoo for cleanliness
  • Eco-friendly products
  • New age shaving products

What’s Next For the ‘New Age Man’?

The increasing interest in products from the male audience has resulted in many adaptations to the beauty market. There is so much more available now in the way of male grooming items than there was even 12 months ago.

We see no sign of this slowing down, and expect Dublin and Ireland as a whole to keep benefitting. The new male beauty salons are thriving, and it’s likely that more will continue to open, giving men more options than ever. It’s going to be a fascinating market to watch, that’s for sure!